Case Study: Creating and Executing Commercial Strategy for     an Early-Stage Company to Grow Revenuesenzymatics

  • Define Value Proposition and Appropriate Vehicles for delivery of Refined Message
  • Create Commercial Strategy, Assist in Creating Commercial Organization to enact the plans
  • Create Sales and Marketing Collateral to establish Client as a World-Wide Leader in its field
  • Re-Brand and Re-Position the company to amplify its revenue growth and market success several fold over 2.5 years

Case Study: Building a US subsidiary for a small European company

  • Plan structure, size, function and budget for US Commercial Organization
  • Create and Develop Strategic and Tactical North American Organizational Launch Plan
  • Brand company and Enhance Visibility in Crowded Market dominated by long-established institutions
  • Initiate Commercial Activities: Launching and Supporting DNA Analysis system
  • Continuously evaluate and update organization function and structure for long term success, growing sales from $0 to ~$7M in three years


Case Study:  Helping to turn around a struggling company

  • Re-build and re-structure North American sales and support organizations
  • Create integrated sales/scientist team to enhance customer satisfaction and sales force effectiveness
  • Determine key target markets, value propositions and messaging/branding methods
  • Enhance organizational effectiveness and structure to achieve >40% annual growth


Case Study: Finding a New Market Opportunity, Creating Success in that MarketTA Logo2

  • Through Market Research found a New Market for a Company’s Products and Technology
  • Created Messaging and Value Proposition for New Application
  • Re-Wrote Web Site Content and Created Sales Collateral
  • Drive New Business and Deliver Revenue Growth for New Business Unit