“I find Jeff to be a very strong communicator who always reports back market trends as well as… feedback from existing customers and prospects. This combination of strategic vision along with tactical sales execution is a substantial reason of his success. He is a team player and is highly respected by customers and colleagues. His style of management is very much team-building oriented. He forges strong relationships with customers, the sales team and counterparts in marketing, customer support, R&D, finance and other areas.
                                                                             -Edvin Munk, European Managing Director, Sequenom GmbH

Step 1: Develop Strategic Plan for Rapid North American Success 

  • Determine appropriate strategy for altering negative customer perception in North American market
  • Create Organizational Structure, Roles, Responsibilities and Team dynamics needed for a successful re-launch
  • Determine skill sets, experience, background and “ideal profile” for new team members
  • Work to incorporate scientific support directly or indirectly in pre and post sales activities
 Step 2: Building team, re-launching company
  • Team with customer support to enhance customer satisfaction and develop positive disposition to company and products
  • Develop sales strategy and processes, ID key markets and messaging, formulate best practices and implement multi-step sales process involving Sales, Marketing, Scientists and Executive Management
  • Continuously re-assess and re-evaluate sales practices and skills to ensure ongoing success
Step 3: Halt decline in revenue, turn around to positive growth trends
  • Repair and Re-Build Sales Team as needed to upgrade skills and team composition
  • Create Pre-Sales Scientific Support to facilitate more effective seminars and enhanced scientific dialogue
  • Re-build perception of company and technology through Key Opinion Leader Strategy and Enhanced Sales and Support

Step 4: Organizing Team for Long-Term Success

  • Create team of scientists and application lab to run customer samples, better train users, develop new applications, and enhance pre-sales effectiveness
  • Perform frequent pro-active customer visits via sales and/or scientists to enhance their success and establish communication lines
  • Expand Sales Organizaton for greater coverage of users and prospects; implement CRM for better pipeline and forecast management
  • Turn-Around in Perception of Company, Technology and System
  • Rapid and Sustained Revenue Growth resulting in 4X annual revenue growth over a 5 year period
  • Company utilized the enhanced revenue to develop MDx, raise $155M for Development and dramatically increase market cap