“Jeff is one of the most persistent, results oriented consultants with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of working. His attention to detail is very high, he consistently beats deadlines, and his output has been on target and quite insightful. To top it off, his warm and friendly personality make working together feel natural from day one. I would recommend Jeff without reservation as a business consultant in sales and marketing.”

Chris Benoit, President and COO, Enzymatics Inc.



  • Small U.S. Based Company with an exciting product line, needing focused commercial strategy
  • Nascent and successful commercialization effort needed enhancement, expertise and execution
  • Business-to-Business: Expand visibility and credibility to makers of kits/tests for incorporation of their products and services as an OEM provider


  • Help company realize its full commercial potential by developing a robust commercialization program
  • Determine Value Proposition and Messaging and create early stage sales and marketing tools 
  • Grow revenues and visibility by helping to create Worldwide Sales organizations
  • Create and Enhance Company’s face-to-customer by creating strong methods for delivering message to marketplace

Step One: Value Proposition, Messaging and Early Sales Tools

  • Work with Senior Management to determine corporate core values, company/technology benefits and encapsulate in Value Proposition that succinctly and powerfully captures the value to the customer
  • Create early sales tools for customer presentations, follow up, downloading, etc, focused on unique attributes of company and product
  • Enhance Credibility of company in its market through messaging and tools to establish client as a leader in its field

Step Two: Enhancing Visibility and Credibility of Company and Technology

  • Re-write Web Site content and create layout that delivers the message to visitors as to “What” “How” and “Why”: “What is Unique?”, “How Can They Help?”, “Why partner with this company?”
  • Establish Sales Organization in U.S.
  • Assist in the development of methods for pipeline tracking, forecasting, CRM, etc.

Step Three: Fostering Rapid Growth

  • Re-Brand company to give it the Look and Feel of an Innovative and Creative Market Leader
  • Establish and Grow the US Sales Organization and Establish International Commercial Team in Europe and Asia
  • Further Develop Sales and Marketing collateral for distributors, new products and previously under-served products and services

Step Four: Positioning for Long-Term Growth

  • Expand Web Site to Include new products and services and enhance performance through PPC and SEO program
  • Execute Market Visibility Activities to extend corporate presence 
  • Position company for greater long-term success via establishing a market presence in new/expanded arena


  • Company is growing at a rapid pace and is recognized as a leader in its market space
  • Revenues have grown nearly 4x in three year time span