• >25 years in Sales and Sales Management determining needs then selling/marketing to those needs
  • Nearly three decades of achievement in commercial roles exclusively in the Life Science marketplace
  • Proven Proficiency in hiring and creating strong commercial teams for long-term growth and success
  • Track record of success promoting products/services for genomics, proteomics, automation and cell biology
  • Scientific Acumen enables selling, marketing and positioning of scientific products and services adeptly
  • Energetic, driven, dynamic, results-oriented professional


  • Skilled in Understanding Customer and Marketplace Needs, determining how best to position products, services, and companies to address those needs
  • Proven talent at determining messaging, branding and value proposition to gain market traction and sales
  • Highly adept at devising and implementing organizational structures and filling key roles with top-level talent to achieve rapid AND sustainable revenue growth
  • Scientifically Astute and Commercially Savvy; able to combine these two skills to maximize commercial opportunity for Life Science companies
  • Capability to create and implement plans to achieve Revenue and Non-Revenue targets and to assess progress, opportunities and areas for improvement
  • Extensive experience with early-stage US and Non-US Based companies; pre-IPO and/or pre-product launch.


  • Performed a series of projects with a Client to expand their worldwide market presence by refining branding, value proposition and messaging. Created sales team, developed sales collateral, re-wrote and re-designed web site and more. Contributed to >400% Growth in Revenues in 2.5 years.
  • Defined a new market opportunity with greater upside potential for a client through market research and strategic planning. Launched the product into this new arena via Target Market Identification, Value Proposition Development, Web Site updates and sales collateral development. This market became the new focal point of the company’s business effort and growth.
  • Created commercial organizations for 5 companies bringing in top talent to enhance organizational performance
  • Enhanced market penetration for client including messaging, web site content update, sales collateral and trade show strategy to solidify their position as a market leader in their field.
  • Designed, Developed and Created Sales Teams for four Clients.
  • Drafted a strategic plan and executed tactics for creation of North American subsidiary of a small European company rapidly creating successful North American Commercial organization.
  • Helped three companies achieve successful “exit strategies” including two IPO’s and one acquisition.
  • Integrally involved in dozens of major new product launches for emerging and established companies.
  • Designed and executed sales training for more than a half-dozen companies