I believe in contributing to the “greater good” when possible. This includes donating both money and time to activities that benefit the “community” in which I live.

Of particular interest to me is raising money for charities that fund research, development and treatment of various illnesses. I have spent my entire career in the bioscience field doing lab work, working with scientists doing research and working for companies that make technologies to enhance research. I believe that scientific advances (both on the research side and the technology/product development side) change the world. Like many, my family has been touched by cancer and other difficult diseases. Survival rates from these diseases have skyrocketed thanks to both publicly and privately financed organizations and progress is moving along a fantastic pace.

As a result, and as an avid cyclist, I have thrown myself into fund raising events centered around cycling. I do several rides per year but focus mainly on the Cape Cod Getaway (CCG) and the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC). The CCG raises money for the care and treatment of persons with Multiple Sclerosis and funds research into cures and prevention. The PMC is the single largest charitable fundraising event in the United States with its focus on research and development of cures and treatments for various forms of cancer. I rode in my 13th CCG and my 3rd PMC this year and plan to do both rides every year as long as I am able.

While time and money are precious commodities, I gladly give some of both to contribute to the greater good.
Below is a link to a pictorial review of my PMC Adventure. An amazing spirited and touching event that is also fun and a celebration of what we are doing to help our loved ones and future generations live longer, healthier, cancer free lives.
PMC 2015 Highlights