Genovative Solutions carefully and meticulously works through a thorough and prescribed recruitment process. We work closely with our clients, partnering to achieve the best outcome. We do this by visiting their web site to understand the company, its products/technology and target market. We also interview the hiring manager to determine her/his needs, to understand the company culture and to fully comprehend the role, desired skill set and associated responsibilities. Only then do we launch the process of finding appropriate candidates. We interview each candidate to determine who is well suited for the company and the position. We only submit highly qualified persons for the client’s review.

The following  are the steps in our search process to present the most highly qualified, highly motivated, proven and thoroughly scrutinized candidates to our clients, for their positions.

    1. Review company web site to understand the company, its technology and its advantages.
    2. Identify Client Needs: Interview the Hiring Manager and/or HR Manager
        • Get a thorough understanding of the company’s needs and expectations
        • Thorough understanding of the role
        • Determine the necessary skills and qualifications for the position; both the quantifiable and intangible
    3. Create job specifications and a client value statement for postings,emails, phone calls, etc.
        • Corporate summary
        • Job responsibilities
        • Candidate Qualifications
    4. Develop research strategy based on client’s needs, its target market and the specific role
        • Network within and outside of our 20,000 person database to find capable potential candidates or get referrals
        • Identify and contact candidates from competitive and complementary companies
        • Use LinkedIn and other databases to locate potential candidates
    5. Candidate Interviews
        • Conduct a thorough interview of each potential candidate to determine if the correct “fit” exists from both a skill set and corporate culture standpoint
        • Narrow the list of candidates based on their performance during our interview
    6. Presentation of Candidates
        • Present only the best: We value your time so we deliver Quality over Quantity
        • Provide a detailed summary highlighting the candidate’s skills and experience
    7. Client Interviews: Coordinate client interviews with candidate
    8. Interview Debrief: After the interview, we speak with both the client and candidate to get feedback
        • Determine client’s interest in candidate and candidate’s interest in the role
        • Identify potential impediments to the hiring process to assist client in hiring their top preference
    9. Reference Checks: Conduct a thorough reference check on the candidate
    10. Present offer to candidate
    11. Continued Contact: After the offer has been accepted and the candidate has begun working for the client, we maintain contact with both the client and the candidate to keep updated on the status of both parties to ensure that both parties are fully satisfied with their choice.