Your objective is to increase the sales of your Products or Services. Our’s is to help you do that by applying our expertise and experience to drive revenue growth through strategic and tactical Marketing Processes and Sales Activities.

The SALES PROCESS: Selling successfully begins long before your first interaction with a potential customer. ItiStock_000004904118Small2  starts with determining your Marketing Strategy, continues through Tactical Marketing activities and concludes with Sales implementation. Just as in a successful scientific endeavor, successful commercialization follows a process.

  • Step One: Defining goals and objectives
  • Step Two: Determine what needs to be done to achieve the goals
  • The Final Step: Successfully executing on the plan

Success for any process, whether a laboratory experiment or the commercialization of a Life Science product, is strongly influenced by what happens “upstream” and by carefully and thoughtfully following proven protocols and creative approaches to create success.

Typical Life Science Commercialization Process: Scientists, marketing scientific products or services to the scientific community often do so by focusing on the technology, and its capabilities. The typical path companies follow is:

Missing from this process is the key ingredientTHE CUSTOMER. Current approaches do not address their needs, it attempts to tell them about a product or technology. Genovative’s processes are aimed at selling them a solution to their problem. Scientists want to know HOW your offering will enhance their success, WHAT is different or better than other approaches and WHY they should choose your offering over the myriad of others that exist?


We create Sales and Marketing Programs to generate revenue. Sales and marketing are not distinct or independent processes; they weave together in a complex manner. Executing on sales OR marketing may help your business but combining them in a cohesive manner creates synergy that fosters commercial success.

Genovative Solutions Commercialization Process: We employ a proven, thorough sales and marketing process to help our clients reach their customers, address the customers’ needs and, in so doing, achieve their revenue goals.

We focus on the CUSTOMER AND THEIR NEEDS, we address what your offering does for them, generate CONTENT that positions your offering as a solution to their problems. We help to define the path to SALES SUCCESS and execute on that plan so that your company can reach its potential.

Let’s work together to enhance the sales and positioning of your product or service: Contact Us.

PowerPoint for Viewing or Downloading: Genovative Solutions-Positioning Companies for Success