Strategic Marketing: Positioning/Branding

  • Value Proposition Development
  • Messaging
    • Benefits
    • Vital Differentiators
    • Key Advanatages
  • Identify Key Target Markets

Tactical Marketing: Communication

  • Web Site Development (see below)
  • Market Specific Messaging
  • Penetration and Development Programs
  • Lead Creation and Awareness Building
    • Email and Direct Mail Campaigns
    • Banner Advertising
    • Trade Show Strategy
  • Sales Collateral Creation

Sales Efficiency Improvement

  • Design and Development Sales Team
  • Creation of Organizational Structure
  • Job Descriptions/Skill Set Determination
  • Training and Development
  • Target Market Penetration and Development Strategies
  • Sales Team Management to Achieve Revenue Targets

Web-Site Re-Write, Refresh, Update

  • Content Development
  • Messaging: Product/Service Positioning and Benefits/Advantages
  • Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Internet Advertising

Sales Collateral

  • Writing, Messaging
  • Determining Needs/Focus of Pieces
  • Design, Layout, Appearance

Commercial Implementation

  • Sales Programs
  • Marketing Communications
  • Awareness Building and Lead Generation

Corporate Branding: Visual

  • Corporate Logo
  • Corporate Colors Scheme
  • Booth Design

Some Examples of Our Work: Genovative Solutions-Positioning Companies for Success