Genovative Solutions has had the pleasure to serve dozens of clients in both a Sales and Marketing capacity and a Talent Recruitment capacity. Below is feedback from just a few clients on the quality of our work.


Christopher Benoit; President and COO, Enzymatics, Inc“Jeff is one of the most persistent, results oriented consultants with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of working. His attention to detail is very high, he consistently beats deadlines, and his output has been on target and quite insightful. To top it off, his warm and friendly personality make working together feel natural from day one. I would recommend Jeff without reservation as a business consultant in sales and marketing.”

Joyce Peng; Director of Marketing, BGI Americas: “Jeff has been a primary contributor for two BGI web sites (BGI Americas and our worldwide Molecular Diagnostics business, BGI Health). His focus was on the content of those sites and he did an excellent job in refining the value proposition, crafting the messaging to support the value proposition and creating the content to convey the message. He is very skilled at composing high quality content that captures the essence of what needs to be communicated and does so in a powerful and credible manner. I have found Jeff to be highly dependable, he meets his commitments and delivers on time as promised. He is a very good writer who combines his sales background and marketing skills to create very cogent and convincing communications. I would highly recommend Jeff for messaging, marketing and web site development work.”

Mark Bouzyk, PhD; Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, AKESOgen, Inc.: “We used Genovative Solutions to develop our value proposition and web site. The outcome of the project has resulted in significantly increased traffic to our site as well as strong positive feedback from our customers on our core values. Genovative identified our unique attributes and our commercial advantages and developed the message to convey those. From branding to site development and SEO, the team was collaborative, professional and highly adept. Our site now represents AKESOgen’s value to our customers in a way that is both compelling and powerful. Overall, we have been delighted with Genovative’s unique package.”

Klaus Schafer, MD, MPH; President and CEO, TessArae, LLC: “We hired Jeff and his colleagues to help us assess our potential market space at TessArae LLC. They have done a marvelous job and they were quick about getting results. Jeff provided us real insight into a couple of markets. It has already made a difference for us. Time to results was less than six months, which I consider exceptional. I can highly recommend Jeff and Genovative to help with your marketing efforts.

 Larry Blocher, M.D., J.D.; Chief Executive Officer, BioOptions, Inc.: “We engaged Genovative Solutions to update our website and marketing focus.  They also generated a focused value proposition for the company as well as messaging and positioning, which was a successful and worthwhile endeavor.  The team is professional, communicative, collaborative and scientifically astute.  They are driven, productive and went the extra mile in developing our website.  Our web site is now a very good reflection of our business.  I highly recommend Genovative Solutions for their sales and marketing prowess and will use their services again should the need arise.”

Bryan Kasprowicz; General Manager, Photronics/Trianja: “In branching out, we looked to Genovative to help harness our engineering products and capabilities, and effectively communicate them to the scientists in an entirely new industry. Jeff was able to clearly understand the concepts and products; asking for more details when needed, to ensure we were on mark with our messaging. I was pleased with the attention to detail and industry knowledge. I look forward to engaging with Genovative again in the future.”

Avak Kahvejian, PhD; Director of Business Development, Helicos, Inc.: “We retained Jeff to bolster our product positioning and sales efforts. Jeff proved to be insightful, knowledgeable and experienced in this market and knew how to execute in a competitive environment. Working with R&D and Business Development, he helped to identify key differentiators of our technology, important target markets where these differentiators would matter and messages and tactics to penetrate these markets. His extensive industry experience and network of colleagues and customers have been tremendously valuable.”

Andy Watson; Chief Marketing Officer, RainDance Technologies: “Jeff worked with us to help move our sales process to a higher level, incorporating improved forecasting metrics and a sales “playbook” for consistent messaging and positioning among our team. He worked very well with sales and marketing management and with the sales team including traveling with them to coach and perform ongoing training. It was quite productive for our sales effort.”

Eugene Chiu; Chief Operating Officer, Abpro-Labs: “Jeff is a seasoned sales executive who helped establish sales systems, processes, and implement strong methodologies for a dramatically improved sales effort. He helped the young team understand and implement good sales practices, forecasting and improved executive involvement in key sales efforts. The result was very positive.”

Jesse Baumgold, Chief Executive Officer, Plasmonix, Inc: “I hired Genovative Solutions to re-focus and upgrade our web site. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  After listening to my goals, Jeff sent me a comprehensive proposal that was extremely cost-effective for the amount of work to be done. He interviewed customers and employees to gain insight into our advantages, then created our value proposition, positioning and messaging and used these to write our web site content. The result is a visually appealing and well-written web site with a clear and consistent marketing message. Throughout this entire process, Jeff kept me informed of his progress and sought my feedback.  I believe that this rich communication was largely responsible for this project’s success.  He made this entire process easy and painless. I highly recommend Jeff Protentis and his entire support team.”



Mark Pydynowski; President and CEO, Somark Innovations: “The talent that I find most impressive about Jeff is his intuition. He has an ability to know the appropriate approach for a situation and the likely result. This intuition extends to Jeff’s ability to ‘read’ people. We hired Jeff to help us build a sales team and his analysis of candidates was invariably correct. He was instrumental throughout every step of the recruiting process. Jeff is a tireless worker who consistently exceeds expectations and loves to compete. He quickly establishes a high degree of trust with internal and external colleagues. I would certainly work with Jeff again.”

Christine Haakenson, Chief Operating Officer, Rubicon Genomics: “Jeff quickly enabled us to find a great person for a new position within the company. His extensive screening and written evaluations of candidates allowed us to stay focused on the needs of the position. Because of Jeff’s help, we found our new employee within a month from starting the search.”

Geoffrey Routh, Business Development Manager, BioChain Institute, Inc.: “Jeff possesses exceptional recruiting and interviewing skills. When he interviewed me for a sales position he skillfully assessed my technical knowledge and determined my “fit” with the culture of the hiring company. When finished, I felt he really knew me, and was looking out for the best interests of his client and me; I was impressed by his thoroughness. When I hired my first team as a manager, I turned to Jeff; he had earned my faith and respect. He helped me fill two positions with capable and mature professionals who were key assets on my team. Jeff cares that his candidates are an ideal fit and capable of making strong contributions. I will definitely work with Jeff again in the future.”

Norrie Russell, President, Gene Logic, Inc.: “If you think you can hire and train a sales team, think again. Jeff helped us build our commercial team and is the consummate professional when it comes to screening, interviewing, reference checking and selecting sales folk for a final interview. His many years of experience have endowed him with the ability to find great sales staff, then mentor them, build and motivate a team, and give your company a full and professional commercial presence. And he’s a really nice guy. Whenever you are thinking sales team get in touch with Jeff.”