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Genovative Solutions possesses a broad range of skill sets and experience to  enhance the productivity and efficiency of finding THE BEST talent for your company.

Jeff Protentis

Jeff has been a Sales, Marketing and Commercial Professional in the life Science arena for several decades.

  • Having been a hiring manager for a range of roles in the Life Science field for decades gives Jeff a unique advantage. While most recruiters are skilled at finding people, Jeff understands the needs of his clients in ways that others who have not been embedded in this market simply cannot. _DSF7709 v4
  • With his strong scientific and commercial skills, he can position the benefits of your company in a way that is meaningful to potential candidates, garnering their attention and enabling him to bring top candidates to his clients. 
  • Decades’ of experience hiring in this market give Jeff a perspective similar to that of the hiring manager. This understanding and experience makes for a highly effective and efficient recruiting process.
  • Having hired ~50 sales, marketing and technical persons as well as associated management. He has assisted in the hiring of 50-60 more for managers on his teams. As a result, he is able to determine needs, knows what to look for and how to find people who will contribute to his clients’ success.

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Jeff is a results-driven, scientifically skilled recruiting professional with a three-decade track record of success in this field. He brings energy, urgency and practical experience to moving the recruiting process forward to a successful conclusion. His knowledge of the field, combined with his skills as an award-winning salesperson, make him more effective at finding, communicating with and inducing interest with highly skilled candidates.

  • Decades of experience and vast networks of friends, colleagues and former co-workers
  • Driven to bring your search to an effective, efficient and timely conclusion.
  • Sales skills that enhance productivity and effectiveness

He received his B. A. from Colby College and worked in an immunology lab at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where he was co-author on several journal articles. He spent several years in direct sales before moving into management roles for over two decades and recruiting/consulting for another decade. His fields of focus and scientific acumen range from genomics, to cell biology and lab automation and beyond. He recruits for Executive Management roles through field based positions with a strong focus on commercially oriented roles.

Below is a partial list of clients and positions, sorted by market focus.

  • Genomics Products and Services:
    • 10X Genomics: SF Area Sales Specialist (2), NY/NJ Sales Specialist
    • Advanced Analytical Technology: Sales Representative, Southwest
    • Becton-Dickinson Genomics: Boston Business Development
    • BGI: Sr. Product Manager; US Marketing Manager; Mid-Atlantic Business Development
    • Bluebee Genomics: US Sales Director; Dir. WW Marketing; Dir. of Customer Operations
    • Clontech: Business Development Associate;
    • Covance-West Coast Sales; Account Executive, Mid-Atlantic; Business Development Mgr.
    • Diagenode: SF Sales Specialist
    • NGS Sample Prep Company: Director of Sales, Eastern US
    • Novogene: Business Development, Boston
    • Pacific Biosciences: SE Senior Sales Specialist
    • Paragon Genomics: Vice-President of Sales
    • Raindance: Mid-Atlantic Account Manager
    • Rubicon Genomics: VP of Product Development; Director of Applications; Boston Sales
    • Silicon Bio: Director of Business Development
    • Silicon Genetics: Mid-Atlantic Sales
    • Synthetic Genomics: Business Development Manager
  • Cell Biology, Stem Cell, Cellular Analysis
    • AllCells: Sr. Product Manager
    • ATCC: Sales Representatives in NE, TX, Mid-Atlantic; Business Development Manager
    • Axiogenesis: Business Development Manager, West Coast
    • Clontech: Key Account Manager/Stem Cells
    • Nexcelom: South-Central Sales Manager; Mid-West Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager; Southwest Sales Manager; Director of Marketing
  • Software/Informatics
    • Aris Global-Business Development Executive
    • BC Platforms: Eastern US Sales; Eastern US Project Manager
    • Cartagenia: Sales Managers in Mid-Atlantic and New England; Field Apps Specialist
    • Cytel-Business Development Executive
    • GNS: Business Development Account Manager
    • Titian Software: Business Development Manager, Eastern US
  • Liquid Handling/Lab Automation
    • Andrew Alliance: Sr. Sales Representative
    • Formulatrix: National Sales Manager
    • Labcyte: Director, Product Management; Genomics Marketing Manager
  • Other
    • Bioneer: Sales Representatives in San Francisco and Houston
    • Elim Pharma: Sales Director
    • Esco Technologies: West Coast Sales Manager; East Coast Sales Manager
    • IntegenX: Senior Sales Representatives in New England and Mid-Atlantic
    • Launchworks: NE Business Development
    • Metabolon: Boston Business Development
    • Oxford Gene Technologies-Sales Specialist; Business Development Specialist

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